Terra Bricks

Facing BricksBricks are one of the unique elements in the UK construction industry for decades. Over a years, bricks becoming a most useable products to build commercial and residential projects. The bricks are eco-friendly, and also has got its unique texture which gives a characteristic view on the buildings. It has been made by clay and they are eco-friendly, 100 natural products.

Terra Building Materials is a London based bricks importers and suppliers to the UK construction sector. We have got a wide range of brick selection from handmade to extruded facing bricks as well as Class B Engineering Bricks. All of our products are comply with UK regulations and requirements. Our bricks are mainly in metric sizes but we can produce the bricks in different sizes and formats if required. Our handmade facing bricks are 100% genuine handmade bricks and has got its own characteristics and it gives you a unique finish for your project. The extruded facing bricks has got different finishes such us natural finish to smooth finish or rustic touches.

We are supplying the bricks to bricks factors and building merchants. Please click the link below to download our digital catalogues. You can also send us your enquires by filling the form below. One of representatives will come back to you straight away.