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Terra Bricks

The bricks are eco-friendly, and also has got its unique texture which gives a characteristic view on the buildings. It has been made by clay and they are eco-friendly 100 natural products.Learn More »

Terra Brick Slips

Brick slips are now becoming one of the most popular products in the construction field. On the current century, the developers and contractors are looking for alternative solutions to build houses and residential blocks but would like to have a brick finish.Learn More »


Terrawool TW consists of stone wool insulation boards which can be applied to all type of construction projects to achieve a high thermal and acoustic performance as well as A1 fire rate.Learn More »


As Terra Building Materials, we are supplying the building chemical products in a wide range of selection. We have got special brick slip adhesive products which is suitable for all type of brick slips cladding. We also supply the gun injected pointing mortars.Learn More »

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