Terra Brick Slips

Terra Brick SlipsBrick slips are now becoming one of the most popular products in the construction field. On the current century, the developers and contractor are looking for an alternative solutions to build houses and residential blocks but would like to have a brick finish. That is where the brick slips are taking place. When you compare the brick slips with traditional facing bricks, it is quicker and easy to install, do not require skilled bricklayers and allow you to finish the projects earlier than the expected finish date. Due to the above advantages, developers and contractors are looking to use brick slips for their projects

As Terra Building Materials, we are one of the leading purpose-made brick slips supplier in the UK. Terra Brick Slips are 100% natural and clay products. Most importantly it is purpose made brick slips. It has not been cut from the full facing bricks.

We have got a wide range of selection of brick slips from genuine handmade to extruded brick slips. To see our products ranges, please click the link below to download the digital catalogue. You can also send your enquiry to us by filling the form below. We will get back to you as soon as we received your email.